Campaign Toolkit

Start Planning Your Campaign

These supporting materials will make planning your next campaign fun and engaging.

Our Kit Includes:

Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) Guide

Your step by step guide to planning and implementing a stellar United Way Campaign in your workplace.

The Vollmershausen Leadership Challenge Grant

First-time leadership gifts of $1200 or more made to United Way Oxford will generously be matched up to $50,000. Help us spread the word and max out this grant!

Campaign Posters

Promote your workplace campaign by hanging posters in common areas such as meeting and lunch rooms.

Workplace Engagement Menu

Whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours, we can provide you with a meaningful opportunity that will help create awareness around community needs.

Ambassador Guide

Three easy steps that will give you tips on engaging your colleagues.

Case For Support

A quick overview of the positive impact your support.

Community Investment Listing

Learn about the local targeted programs that you are helping to support.

United Way Oxford Logo

We are happy to provide you with a copy of our logo to help create awareness.

Electronic Campaign Envelope

Easily track your Campaign right from your computer! Instant totals for your Workplace Campaigns and Special Events.

Clip Sheets

Find out the impact of your donations. Whether its $2 or $50, your gift is helping to create opportunities.

Thank You Certificates

A personalized thank you is the perfect way to wrap up your efforts. Thank those on your committee!