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447 Hunter St., Woodstock, ON N4S 4G7

Community United Conversation Series

The Truth About Alcohol: It's Sobering
Our panel of experts will share information to help you understand the new recommendations as well as lots of fun and creative ways to support reducing alcohol consumption. Following Dry January, and now Dry February too, this is targeted to anyone and everyone and is intended to share that drinking less – whatever is less for you – is a healthy step in the right direction.
The Journey to Truth and Reconciliation
This meaningful community conversation allowed us the opportunity to dive into the history of Indigenous people in Oxford county going back 15,000 years. We discussed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the calls to action included. Joined by Kim Parker and Elder Gloria Thompson. We hope this conversation helps to illuminate your personal understanding of Truth & Reconciliation.
Harm Reduction

Presented by United Way Oxford, along with a panel of addiction service professionals, we discussed the complexity of addictions, helping to put a human and compassionate lens on the struggles that some face, and learn about what a harm reduction approach is and how those services are there to help.

This topic is a relevant and timely discussion for our Oxford County community, and we want to ensure that we are all well-informed and understand the need for services, and know what services are available in our community.

Oral Health Needs and Dental Services in Oxford

This Conversation includes panelists from the Oxford County Community Health Centre, Southwestern Public Health and Schulich Dentistry who share information about oral health needs and dental services here in Oxford County. We discuss what these needs look like for those most vulnerable in our community who are struggling and without health care coverage. Topic also include the connection between good oral health and the overall health and well-being of an individual, as well as the direct link to self-esteem, opportunity, employment, diet and so much more. Learn about the needs as well as an innovative community solution that helps bridge gaps, remove barriers and change lives.

Transgender Awareness and Education

An opportunity to learn from a personal journey about gender affirming care and help us grow our community’s ability to embrace acceptance, inclusion and understanding while hearing more about local supports and services.

Thank you to Enbridge for your support and sponsorship of this event!

Intimate Partner Violence

Watch our community conversation about Intimate Partner Violence, previously referred to as Domestic Violence. Our local experts to Speak on this unignorable issue. We will deepen our understanding of what this is, what the signs are, what services are in place to help, the impact of family violence on children and our community and the significant challenges that COVID has posed for those living in unsafe conditions. This unignorable issue is one that matters to all of us!

Human Trafficking

We were excited to welcome Kelly Tallon Franklin, from Courage for Freedom, to speak on human and sex trafficking, specifically youth exploitation. With her lived experience, she worked with police and others to develop ProjectOnRoute geared to raise awareness of the issue up and down the 401 Highway; now she has launched Project Maple Leaf to stop the exploitation of children. It is a disturbing topic, and a more disturbing reality – and it is one that Oxford County is not immune to. Learn more about it, what to watch for, who to call should you see something suspicious, and what resources and supports are available. Additional panelists include, Woodstock Police Services, OPP and DASO

Understanding Homelessness in Oxford

Built for Zero Canada, along with other local panelists, discuss the unignorable issue of homelessness to better understand why this is happening, the complexities, the systemic issues, and how United Way and others are working to create change to ensure that everyone in our community can have a safe place to call home. Built for Zero Canada believes that we can eliminate homelessness across our Country, and so do we. This is also a great time to learn from the Social Planning Council Oxford about the information and data collected during Oxford’s first Registry Week in November 2020. Insightful interviews with 93 individuals across Oxford helped all of the members of the Oxford Housing Action Collaborative to learn our local truth and to gain insight into the reasons and struggles impacting Oxford citizens facing homelessness.

Children & Youth

Managing children’s mental health needs can be challenging, especially during COVID-19 with the worry, stress, anxiety and concern for the here and now as well as the future. Our panelists from TVDSB, LDCSB, Early On, Woodstock Hospital and Wellkin will provide insight, suggestions and tips as we cope with kids of all ages that have been socially isolated, learning virtually, feeling anxious about the pandemic, trying to accept loss and grief for how things were, and so much more.

Mapping Mental Health

Our panelists from CMHA Oxford, Oxford County Community Health Centre, Woodstock Hospital and the Ingersoll Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic will help us better understand the issues we are all trying to cope with, learn about what trends they are seeing, and help us gain insight and direction on mapping mental health support and services.

Mental Health is something that impacts us all and we must always be thinking of the importance of wellbeing and how important it is to reduce stigma.

Us & Them

This panel discussion was a follow-up conversation to put a local lens on the issues and challenges featured in the US & THEM documentary, as well as to highlight existing programs and services across Oxford to help those in need as well as recent investments designed to create lasting positive change.

Panelists include: CMHA Oxford, Oxford County Community Health Centre, Woodstock Police, Social Planning Council Oxford