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447 Hunter St., Woodstock, ON N4S 4G7

DEI Workshop

Building an Inclusive Oxford County: a learning session

In this interactive session, we will learn about how we can build inclusive communities in our everyday lives.

Tuesday May 21, 1-4pm

CAS Oxford, 712 Peel Street, Woodstock ON, N4S 0B4

United Way Oxford invites you to attend this interactive workshop for our community on the topic of inclusion.

We will learn how to recognize and understand our own implicit bias, stereotypes and microaggressions. Through small group discussion and reflection, we will understand how our own everyday behaviours can build more welcoming and inclusive communities. This content requires a certain degree of vulnerability and as such, the training is delivered through a “Brave Space” framework with self-care strategies provided to close the session.

In particular, we will:

  1. Establish a shared language around power, privlege and identity.
  1. Establish an understanding of microagressions and how they affect individuals.
  1. Provide practical tools and approaches in response to microagressions and learn how to build a more welcoming Oxford County.

The attendees at this session will be invited to participate in a follow up focus group to deepen our learning and reflect on some next steps for working together.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Farzana Chohan is a Human-Centered Leadership Strategist living in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Dr. Farzana has a wide range of leadership experiences working with unique human beings. Her leadership journey has highlighted the importance of connecting the leadership and communication concepts for humans who are interconnected, regardless of cultural or geographical differences. Her work focus is to help internalize the mindset of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in unforeseen aspects of our life! Farzana is driven by her deep understanding that human needs environments, which can support their unique potential to uplift themselves, and subsequently our world. Her work focus is to help internalize the mindset of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in unforeseen aspects of our life!


The cost of the workshop is $25/per person. As a commitment to building community capacity, United Way Oxford has subsidized the cost to attend. However, if cost is a barrier please reach out to discuss your situation:

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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone in Oxford County who wants to understand how they can be part of building a more welcoming and inclusive community. Attendees should be prepared to arrive with an open mind with a willingness to learn about themselves and their community.


Who is offering this workshop?

This workshop is being hosted by United Way Oxford and delivered by Dr. Farzana Chohan, United Way Oxford is committed to a caring, inclusive and resilient community where everyone lives with dignity, belonging, opportunity and hope. To this end, UWO is covering 75% of the cost to offer the training.