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447 Hunter St., Woodstock, ON N4S 4G7

Mapping Mental Health

On March 30th we held a virtual panel of local experts to present “Mapping Mental Health – What We All Need to Know” to discuss Mental Health in this COVID time.  If we were ever unclear about this before, this past year has shown us that Mental Health is something that impacts us all and we must always be thinking of the importance of wellbeing and how important it is to reduce stigma.

Our panelists from CMHA Oxford, Oxford County Community Health Centre, Woodstock Hospital and the Ingersoll Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic will help us better understand the issues we are all trying to cope with, learn about what trends they are seeing, and help us gain insight and direction on mapping mental health support and services.

Watch and share the panel discussion HERE– it may make the world of difference for you or for someone you love!  There are supports available across Oxford County and we all need to know how to make the best of those services.

You can also support Mental Health programs across Oxford County by making a donation at