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Q.1 How much does United Way spend on fundraising and administration?

85 cents of every dollar goes directly into community support. We are proud that our fundraising (11%) and administration costs (4%) are well below the 35% threshold recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). To learn more and to view our audited financial statements, visit

Q.2 What does United Way do to keep its costs low?

We have found that our model of corporate and employee giving is the most efficient and effective way to fundraise, and we are lucky to have nearly 700 fundraising volunteers that allow us to keep this number low. We are also grateful to our partners who generously donate or provide many goods and services — including advertising space, legal and financial services and office supplies — are provided at reduced rates or donated. Marketing and special event costs are offset by generous sponsorships and ticket sales.

Q.3 What makes an organization eligible for United Way funding?

United Way invests in a strong, coordinated network of community agencies working together to address three key pillars: Poverty to Possibility, Strong Communities, and All That Kids Can Be. To qualify for United Way funding, organizations must be a registered Canadian Charity or a qualified donee as per the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) rules. Additionally, they must demonstrate impact in one of our three key pillars. United Way’s investments in Oxford County prioritize the people and places where the need is the greatest.
Funding applications are reviewed by a committee of volunteers, staff, and community representatives who evaluate based on clear assessment areas. Agencies must demonstrate a strong governance and strategy, sustainable financial management and effective human resources. Once they receive funding, United Way’s entire network undergoes ongoing, rigorous evaluation to ensure they are accountable and making and measuring positive change.

Q.4 How does a person in need find the best place to get help?

United Way funds 211 — a telephone helpline (2-1-1) and website that connects people to the right information and services in their community.

Q.5 How does United Way address local issues?

We love where we live, but things like poverty, social isolation, and mental illness are hurting our communities. United Way’s vision is local communities where everyone — regardless of their background and circumstance — can thrive.

We address local issues by investing in a strong, coordinated network of community agencies working together across Oxford County. United Way funded agencies meet immediate needs as well as create long-term change by addressing issues like homelessness, mental health, isolation and poverty.

United Way research exposes the issues and informs solutions so we know where best to direct support within our network. Our investments prioritize the people and places where the need is the greatest and where there is a readiness and opportunity for change. As a convener, United Way brings a network of stakeholders together to advocate as one voice for what our community needs.

Q.6 In addition to my donation, how can I engage with United Way?

Show your local love and:

• Get informed — follow us on social media, sign up for our e-newsletter and share our message.

• Get engaged — take a Seeing Is Believing Tour, watch a Community United Conversation Series, participate in Day of Caring, join a United Way event.

• Participate — volunteer, join our Board of Directors, host an event, volunteer as a speaker.

Q.7 In addition to running a workplace campaign, how can organizations support United Way?

Get involved by making a corporate donation; participating in United Way events; sponsoring a United Way special event; donating to our Online Auction; consider launching a Sponsored Employee Program, work with us to organize a Seeing is Believing Tour for staff and more. We have opportunities available for workplaces large and small, to get involved, share resources, and learn more.