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Get involved!
If you – or a young person you know:
• Wants to increase their awareness of community and social issues, mobilize change and take an active role in making a difference.
• Wants to address problems in our community relating to poverty, mental health, addictions, belongingness or children & youth.
• Wants to gain volunteer experience and enhance their skills in leadership, board management, communications, time management and decision making.
• Is between the ages of 12 and 24 years with an interest in social issues, health care, policy, leadership, marketing, education or youth.

Youth United members work to inspire their peers across Oxford County. By encouraging and mobilizing youth to see change and create a stronger community, youth are given invaluable experiences.

Youth United is a council comprised of 10 to 12 students who meet two to three times per month. The council is responsible for encouraging youth within the community to present projects (in partnership with local agencies) that address current issues in Oxford County. The Council will then be required to interview applicants and review project applications. Applicants selected by the committee will receive funding toward the implementation of their initiative and be supported throughout their project. Members of the committee will be responsible for upholding the values of United Way and act as leaders in our community to initiate and support change and make a difference in the lives of others.

Youth United Involvement:
If you are interested in being a part of Youth United 2017/2018, we invite you to reach out to Mike Crabbe

Grant Applications:
If you are interested in presenting a project to Youth United, contact Mike Crabbe to find out when the next set of applications are being accepted.

Questions and Partnerships:
If you have any questions about being a part of Youth United, the grant application process or are interested in a corporate partnership, please contact Mike Crabbe, or call 519-539-3851 ext. 314.

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