The Vollmershausen Leadership Challenge Grant

Leadership Case for SupportWhen leaders lead, when generous donors match your gifts, when investments are targeted and when community agencies collaborate, we see lasting change.

Every Leadership gift to United Way counts especially big for people in our community who need support. Nutrition programs helping kids learn, walk-in counselling for people who need someone to talk to and transportation programs that help individuals get to work and appointments. Your investment supports these programs plus many more, ultimately changing lives.

United Way Oxford is proud to announce the launch of the Vollmershausen Leadership Challenge Grant. All new leadership gifts of $1200+ to United Way Oxford will be generously matched up to $50,000, creating double the impact on your local investment.

If you’re already a leadership donor, increase your gift to United Way Oxford by more than 10% and the Vollmershausen Leadership Challenge Grant will match the increase in your donation.

Your generous support is invested in Oxford County. By working together, we can create a community where all children, youth, individuals and families have the opportunities they need to thrive.

United Way Oxford would like to thank Dennis & Joan Vollmershausen and our other grant contributors who choose to remain anonymous for their generosity and leadership.

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