Strong Communities

Why focus on strong communities?

1 in 5 people are affected by mental health. A sense of belonging has been identified as a challenge faced by many. Through community conversations, residents identified their desire to live in an engaged community where they have the opportunity to speak and be heard. They want local, accessible resources and supports that focus on education, root causes, and early interventions. They also envision a community of acceptance with the desire to reduce stigma and stereotypes for those living with mental illness or addictions.

Inclusive and supported communities connect and strengthen all Oxford County residents.

Local Strategies

Support mental health and reduce addictions

  • Ensure timely, client-centered, relationship-based accessible and local support services for those struggling with addictions and/or mental health issues
  • Provide focused efforts toward programs and initiatives that strengthen individuals’ resiliency, self-esteem, sense of belonging and ability to cope
  • Educate the community to increase understanding and reduce stigma

Empower people

  • Create safe and inviting places for community members
  • Equip people with the skills, tools and opportunities to share their experiences and opinions to effectively impact community discussions and decisions

Strong Communities Programs

Oxford County Walk-In Counselling & Self Help with Canadian Mental Health Association
In collaboration with other walk-in counselling services, this initiative helps ensure that individuals of all ages have timely, relationship-based, accessible services available throughout the County
Adult mediation with Community Options for Justice
Working in collaboration with other community service partners, volunteers and the victims of crime, this program aims to address the root cause of minor crime and equips clients with the skills, tools and guidance to help them rebuild towards a brighter future
Therapy Horseback Riding with Jabez Therapy Ranch
Therapeutic riding and equine assisted psychotherapy programs support local youth that require mental health supports, those considered at risk and who could benefit from this unique method of therapy. The program works to develop physical, psychological, cognitive and social skills while building a special bond with the therapy horses
Walk-In Pilot Study with Oxford Elgin Child & Youth Centre
Ensuring children and youth have access to timely mental-health services that provide preventative care and early-intervention is essential. This two-phase study will gather local research and data, analyze and then provide recommendations for enhanced local walk in services to best meet the needs of our youth

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