As a young adult, Ron lived a vibrant, self-sufficient and productive life. Then a sudden change in health affected his life profoundly. He was unable to work and had limited access to the medical supports he required. Isolation, depression, and multiple surgeries dominated his life for over 20 years. But today, at the age of 52, Ron has a different story, one that is once again filled with hope and joy!

Having one’s basic needs met, including access to medical care, healthy, fresh food, and safe, affordable housing is essential in everyone’s life. When these basic needs are met, individuals like Ron can work towards other life goals and look forward to a brighter future.

“When you are home, you are safe. When you are safe, you start to live again.”

After settling into his new living space and finding a sense of belonging, Ron was able to begin looking forward. His health has not changed but having access to the supports he needs has changed his outlook on life. This brighter future is something that he takes joy in sharing with those around him. Ron believes in the value of self-worth. He knows that everyone in our community matters. “Life experiences and struggles have taught me a lot. I now have the ability to share that message with the community. To help them understand the complexity of the struggles people face; I can share that.”

Ron has become a leader in helping others dream big to reach their goals. He is transitioning from poverty to possibility. He is helping to build a stronger community and aspires to see a County where kids are being encouraged to be all that they can be! Thank you for providing hope and opportunities.

What does your donation to United Way Oxford look like?

It looks like Ron. Your investment supports targeted strategies that ensure everyone has access to critical programs like walk-in counselling for mental health concerns, supports for health and well-being, employment readiness, community engagement, and resources to help children thrive and build resiliency as they transition from childhood through to adulthood.

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