Twenty-two years ago, Oxford County resident Ray was impacted by a life-altering health condition. His diagnosis resulted in the removal of his left lung and the inability to work despite his hard work ethic. Five years after his initial diagnosis, his wife passed away, further contributing to the hardships and complexities in Ray’s life. He became dependent on his children and his community to aid in maintaining his health and stability.

In 2014, 1082 rides were provided for individuals in Oxford County needing transportation and support to healthcare related appointments. Ray receives this transportation to his out-of-town appointments through Canadian Red Cross’ Transportation Service. These rides are sometimes multiple times a week and are subsidized through United Way Oxford. With safe, convenient, and affordable transportation and supports, the barriers Ray faces to maintaining his quality of life is reduced. A sense of independence and comfort have been restored to his daily needs.

“They’ve been really, really good with me,” says Ray. “I have no problem calling them for help.”

United Way Oxford works to support services that bridge the gap between healthcare and local resources for individuals like Ray. Together, community partners are working to ensure everyone has access to these reliable supports and programs that help meet the basic necessities of life. Ray is happy there is a safe place to turn when he needs it most.

Today, Ray is living a fuller and healthier life than could have been expected. Through the extraordinary support of community leaders, volunteers, donors, agencies, and workplaces, a difference is happening in the lives of so many in Oxford, including Ray.

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