Kyle aspires to be a marine biologist; he hopes to attend university one day. He believes he has this career interest because his mom loves to scuba dive. Kyle’s mom lives and works in Oxford County. As a single parent, she works hard to meet Kyle’s needs but looks to the community for easily accessible programs and services that will help her support him in his development. This collaborative support can play a significant role in the life of any child as they develop and pursue their dreams.

Kyle is able to access several community programs that are supported through United Way Oxford funding and our incredible donors. The programs influencing Kyle’s life include YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters Woodstock, and the Navy League. Together, the impact and influence of Kyle’s mother and the mentors within the community help him to navigate
his everyday life.

Kyle enjoys the diversity of attending various programs to develop new skills and friendships while maintaining meaningful relationships with his leaders. Kyle has enjoyed meeting these new friends; he refers to them as “friends for life.” He especially enjoys the structure of his swimming lessons and hopes to one day become a lifeguard and swim instructor for other children.

“Mentors have made me feel secure and excited about activities…they get to know us and always do what we do,” Kyle says. By leveraging children’s leadership, mentorship, recreation and social opportunities, children are encouraged to be all that they can be.

Kyle describes his time in these community programs as “mostly about discipline and how to treat people with respect.” He remembers when he received his uniform through the Navy League; it was an important day to him. Kyle knows that looking and feeling your best is important in life. While wearing his uniform he says “It teaches me things that will matter when I get older and want a job.”

By mobilizing our community and surrounding Kyle with these programs and the influence of volunteer leaders we anticipate he will continue to thrive as he transitions to adult life…and maybe one day become a marine biologist.

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