Extraordinary UDODGE ’17 Success

On Saturday April 21st 2017, United Way Oxford along with incredible community sponsors, volunteers and over 120 players gathered at Cowan Park to take part in our 3rd annual UDODGE tournament. This tournament brings together organizations, donors, volunteers and individuals from all across Oxford County in a fun filled day of competition packed with purpose.

Dodgeball participants raised over $17,000 to be invested back into our community. Their readiness and enthusiasm to come together and support Oxford County is incredible. The proceeds from this event will support targeted goals and strategies to help create a brighter future for Oxford residents. These strategies will help individuals living on limited income obtain basic needs, strengthen employment readiness, support those living with mental health and reduce addictions, empower people through peer to peer supports, as well as nurture and mentor children and youth.

Thank you to everyone involved for your continued dedication to the well being of Oxford County. We are very grateful to have shared UDODGE 2017 with our community.

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