Community Funding for Maximum Impact

United Way Oxford is committed to working, in partnership with the community, to achieve lasting, measurable change on local issues. On March 23rd, United Way Oxford’s Board of Directors announced the results of this year’s Community Investments.

“We are proud to support these impactful, local programs,” says Kelly Gilson, Executive Director with United Way Oxford. “They are targeted, measurable and align with United Way Oxford’s priority areas of poverty to possibility, strong communities and all that kids can be. These investments support five locally developed strategies that are rooted in the aspirations and needs of our community. By investing in specific opportunities, we will be able to measure progress and to show success in ways that have not been previously possible.”

Cheryl Micacchi, Board Member and Chair of the Community Investment Committee, adds, “Funding decisions are never easy. We rely on the expertise of our Community Impact Councils which are comprised of Board Members and representatives from the community at large, including subject matter experts. They review all funding applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors based on guiding principles and funding criteria. It’s a rigorous process that involved 25 volunteers dedicating over 700 hours. The process began in the fall of 2016. It included reviewing statements of interest, funding proposals and attending presentations and meetings. Although funding decisions have been made for the year, volunteers will continue to review funded programs on a regular basis to ensure outcomes are achieved, targets are met, and to identify opportunities for development and improvement.”

To learn more about United Way Oxford’s targeted strategies and Community Investments, please visit WHAT WE DO

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