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#CommunityChampions – Frank Cowan Company

It’s more than a donation. It’s an investment in our community. A philosophy that is ingrained in the culture at Frank Cowan Company in Princeton. For over a decade, this team in partnership with United Way Oxford, has been working to change lives and provide opportunities for people in our community. Together, we’ve celebrated many successes. Each one made possible with the support of volunteers, employees and management.

One of their successes is a dedicated United Way committee. They’re a team of four (Angela, Shona, Colleen & Kristen) that work hard and value the laughs they share. When asked why they volunteer, they joked about being ‘voluntold’. The real reason, because they enjoy raising money for their community and genuinely love spending time together! The by-product is the amount of fun they have. Their goal is to inspire colleagues to want to give. They work towards this by learning about community issues and how supporting United Way is providing opportunities for a stronger tomorrow.

The committee shares that the United Way campaign builds comradery. When you walk into the building it feels warm, like family, so having events like bake sales (Janice’s cookies! Suzie’s peach pie), basket draws and heirloom recipes in sought after cookbooks are all examples of the team coming together. “The success of these initiatives would not be possible without the generosity of everyone in the building. These initiatives are not labour intensive and spreading them throughout the year makes it easy,” says Kristen Michalak, a committee member who has been involved since day one.

Thank you Frank Cowan Company, the United Way Committee and all the employees for your tremendous efforts. Your support truly does change lives.

Changed lives. Made possible by you!

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