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Agency Funding Applications

Our staff and volunteers take the responsibility of investing wisely, investing for impact, and investing where it truly matters, to heart. We know the needs of the community, we have identified funding strategies in place and we want to work with agencies across Oxford that are making a positive difference in the lives of local residents, especially those that are most marginalized or vulnerable.

We have a thorough, multi-step application process and the 1st step opens September 13th.

Agencies looking for funding for programs, services, or initiatives are invited to keep an eye on our website to submit your application, or reach out to us by calling (519) 539-3851 for more information. Statements of Interest are due Friday by October 1, 2021 at 5PM.

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The process is designed to be simple and user friendly to ensure that organizations both large and small have an opportunity, and we’re here to lend a helping hand if required. Our volunteers will review all of the submissions and then invite those that meet our criteria and best fit our strategies to move forward by submitting a full application.

This funding will be for the April 2022 – March 2023 fiscal year.